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  Funding Guidelines:























































 We begin the funding process by carefully                                                              evaluating the conditions and components of                                                                    a given project. This minimizes and mitigates                                                                    as much risk as possible for our capital partners                                                              and investors based on the funding guidelines below:


 Funding Range:                                                                              $1 million to $70 million (+/-) 


 Loan to Value/Cost:                                                                                              up to 90% Bridge and Permanent


 Purpose:                                                                              Acquisitions, Refinance, Repositions, Renovations,                                                      Partner Buy outs, Cash outs, BKs & Tax issues                                                                    (The CHC Edge™) see below


 Debt or Equity Structures:                                                                Bridge, Permanent, Mezzanine,                                                                              Apartment & Hotel Joint Ventures


 Location:                                                                                  Nationwide: primary and secondary markets                                              International: case by case


 Origination Fees:(risk adjusted)                                                                                 3 to 5% (+/-) 


 Pricing:(risk adjusted)                                                                                Bridge/Hard: 3.75 to 9% io (+/-)                                                                      Permanent: Libor/Prime + pi 


 Term Horizon:                                                                            Bridge:1 to 3 yrs (w/extension options)                                                                      Mini-Perm/Permanent: 10 to 30(+/-)yrs w/15 to 30(+/-) ams


 Asset Class:                                                                                      Multi-Family, Flag Hotels, Office Buildings


 Sponsor's Equity:                                                                          10% to 50% (+/-)                                                               



Other Premium Services:


 The CHC Edge™

 What is this all about?

 It's about giving you an edge if you're facing                                                                      an opportunistic deal, time constraints, a                                                                          subpar credit profile, or an unstable or a                                                                          distressed project, including a bK or tax                                                                            issues, and enabling you to experience the                                                                        power of private investment banking and                                                                  closing your deal within 7 to 10 business days!


The CHC Edge™ is a quality turnkey funding program, comprised of arranging a bridge to permanent loan structure as your best solution for addressing those scenarios. Where as, the front end of the structure is a bridge component having a term of 3 to 12 months with extensions and pricing from 7% to 12% (+/-), LTC/LTV 65%(+/-) all risk adjusted and once the project stabilizes, the bridge loan is refinanced with a take out permanent loan product with terms as long as 15 to 40 years with pricing based on libor or prime.

Therefore, when you weigh the cost of only a few basis points more, which are offset by the time cost of money, plus the long term benefits of capitalizing on an opportunity with strong upside potential, the wise choice is The CHC Edge™. So take the next step and click below to get your project pre-approved within the next 48 to 72hrs and if so, we'll contact you to request a complete package and close your deal within 7 to 10 business days!

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Our ' Loan Payoff ' Trading Platform:

An innovative hedge service from our trading group which is designed based on our proprietary trading strategy and performance to payoff  the entire balance of the bridge loan or offset the cost of the debt structure. Where as, a portion of the sponsor's equity in partnership with our funds are traded through our special purpose platform to pay back the full amount of the loan within a time horizon of 7 to 12 months.