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 Submission Guidelines:









To get a pre-approval within 48 to 72hrs:

step 1.   click  here  Get Pre-Approved  or top of page.


To get a final approval and close within 10 to 20 business days:

step 2.  If pre-approved, we'll send you our NCND/Fee agreement.

step 3.  Send the documents below for final approval.

step 4.  Term Sheet/LOI is issued after pre-underwriting.

step 5.  Due diligence/Underwriting is conducted for final approval

step 6.  Order 3rd party reports, i.e...appraisal and/or environmentals if needed.

step 7.  Underwriting and due diligence is completed for final approval.

step 8.  The deal closes within 5 to 7 business days....more or less.



Document list for final approval: (attach in PDF only)

1. resume/pfs on the principal(s)

2. bank stmnt or letter showing proof of funds 

3. balance sheet and profit/loss stmnt

4. the rent roll and lease agreements

5. digital photos of property.

6. appraisal, environmental report(s) (if available).

7. market/feasibility analysis or report (if available)

8. detailed use of proceeds (rehabs and developments)

9. or any other document(s) needed by underwriting

 * Please note :

T get a faster pre-approval, due to our heavy conference call schedule, please submit your project first prior to calling to discuss your deal. Consideration and priority will only be given to proper submissions. 

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