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Uncommon Expert Guidance

Commercial Hard Capital, LLC  is a cloud-based international private investment banking firm specializing in ground-up secured joint venture development funding for residential, commercial, energy, and major infrastructure projects as well

as working capital.  We also provide later-stage venture capital funding for... software, info technology, computer-related, robotics, biotech, etc.  Plus we provide capital to private lenders, hedge funds,  private equity groups, and other venture capital groups to increase their lending and investment activities. A diverse capital source for real estate project funding.


As a direct financial conduit of a top tier 1 private placement platform,  linked to the top 100 world money center banks, we're able to provide a disruptive, innovative joint venture funding product. Unlike traditional funding structures that will charge upfront costs and high due diligence fees without any guarantee of funding, we spare you the pain and stress of such and eat the cost ourselves if we see the feasibility of your project.  Our flexible and innovative approach enables us to fund a myriad of major development projects and later stage|pre-ipo companies in which the sponsor retains complete control and direction of their company. Therefore, experience the power of private investment banking, and you'll receive:




80% LTC pre-funding, without any upfront cost or due diligence fees, providing the developer has  20% of the project

cost or a minimum of 10mm in cash reserves that will remain blocked in your bank account and 100% LTC at funding.  


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you delivered to me five talents; look, I have gained five more talents besides them.

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