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Commercial Hard Capital, LLC  is a cloud-based, online private investment banking firm

specializing in arranging FAST bridge to permanent financing and joint ventures for the

MultiFamily, Office building and Hospitality sectors. In addition to fast funding, we're also

poised to facilitate private off-market MultiFamily and Flag Hotel buy/sell transactions that

are done quickly and discreetly; making us your critical link to the private capital markets.

So, experience the power of private investment banking and the CHC Edge when seeking

high leverage and/or speed as we arrange tailored funding for a myriad of requirements:


Acquisitions,  Refinancing,  Renovations,  Cash-outs,  Existing Businesses & High Tech 

Start-ups,  Partner buyouts,  100% Equity Joint Ventures,  Private Buy-Sell transactions

CHC also offers a disruptive, innovative capital raising platform for major investors and

developers structured to not only substantially mitigate our client's investment capital risk

resulting in an above average ROI,  but our platform also raises large blocks of capital to

meet their total capital requirements. Please inquire with in for more details and eligibility.



Now contrast our service with your typical commercial bank that's limited, rigid, inflexible

and can take as long as 45 to 60 days or longer to close based on their stringent under-

writing guidelines. Whereas, with our high-tech, abbreviated and flexible underwriting

application, we're strategically positioned to close your deal within 10 to 15 banking days

on average and with very competitive rates and terms Or with no debt or equity cost at all.


The blue diamond reflects our rare and invaluable financial services and investment opportunities of the highest quality