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Commercial Hard Capital, LLC is a cloud-based international private investment banking firm 

operating as a financial conduit for private placement programs  through the top world money

center banks.  Our innovative capital raising platform provides funding to purchase, monetize

and trade various bank instruments and gold assets, plus a no debt working capital facility for

small to medium companies including major real estate developments, making us your critical

link to the private capital market. So, experience the power of private investment banking and

get  The CHC Edge when seeking high leverage, low cost equity funding with buy out options 

for a myriad of requirements for the projects below that we'll fund through private placements.


  Acquisitions   Refinancing   Joint  Ventures   Construction   Working capital   Deveiopments 

  Cash outs    Buy-Sells    Private Placements    Partner Buyouts    Mergers and Acquisitions


CHC's  FLAGSHIP FUNDING PRODUCT  is a disruptive, innovative, capital raising platform 

for major investors, developers and small to medium size cos.that would like to leverage only 

10%  of their total project cost or a minimum of 1 million dollars as cash reserves only which

remains blocked in their bank account during the capital raise.  Our innovative capital raising

platform is also financially engineered to not only mitigate our client's equity capital risk,  but 

will capitalize  90% of their total project cost from 10m to 500m within 20 to 45 banking days.

So he who had received five talents came

and brought five other talents, saying, ‘Lord,

you delivered to me five talents; look, I have

gained five more talents besides them.’

Matthew 25:20

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