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Funding & Submission Guidelines:

We offer No equity No debt  (NEND)  Funding ©

Our creative approach to funding allows us, with

out any upfront fees, to raise capital through our

innovative capital raising platform(CRP) which is

linked to arbitrage trading platforms of top world

money center banks, serving our global footprint. 

Therefore, we can fund various qualifying projects

without our clients ever incurring any upfront fees,

due diligence fees, retainer fees, application fees, 

3rd party cost, nor any equity or debt cost which

entails loans or conventional financing for projects

So,  what we do as private investment bankers, is 

 'FUND'  projects not 'FINANCE'  them. There are

no loans associated w/our capital raising platform


1 million to 500+ million



WEEKLY WORKING CAPITAL FACILITY :  400,000.00  to 7,000,000.00

minimum cash balance: 1 million

These funds will remain in your bank

acct as cash reserves and are never

moved, nor depleted from your acct.

PLEASE NOTE: the higher the cash

reserve balance, the higher the wkly

working capital amount.


please submit the follwing documents:

to info@commercialhardcapital

subject line: working capital pre-approval

1. Executive Summary stating the

amount of capital needed and the

use of proceeds.

2. Cash balance sheet.

3. Bank statement confirming 

minimum balance of 1 million

Once pre-approved, our banking partner

will need to conduct their vetting and due

diligence process for regulatory compliance

(48 to 72 hrs)  Upon final approval, funding

will commence within 10 banking days.


MAJOR INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENTS: 20,000,000.00 to 200,000,000.00 +

real estate, energy, industrial, mining, solar, etc.

Qualifying Cash Reserves:

10% of the total project cost or a minimum of 1m 

which ever is higher.  The cash reserve balance 

remains  in your  bank account  during the entire

capital raising process.

minimum cash reserve balance:    1 million

maximum cash reserve balance: 15 million 

which leverages a 100m Standby Letter of Credit.

An SBLC ranging from 100m to 500m is leveraged

through our capital raising platform to enable us to

fund 100% of the project cost.  The initial funding is

90% of the cost and converts to 100% after the first

funding tranche exceeds 10%of the capital reserves 

The get pre-approved within 48hrs,

please submit the following docs to: 


subject line: development pre-approval

1. Executive Summary

2. Funding amount

3. Use of proceeds

4. Resume on the principals

5. Cash balance sheet 

6. 3 to 5 yr Proforma/Projections

7.Bank statement confirming

cash reserve requirements of

10% of project cost.

Once  pre-approved , our banking partner

will  need to conduct  their vetting  and due

diligence process for regulatory compliance

(48 to 72 hrs)  Upon final approval, funding

will commence within 10 banking days.

You may also submit your documents
into our site intake form below.


Get Pre-approved with in 48 hrs!

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