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About Us


With over 30 years of combined financing, real estate and trading experience, we understand the nuances of various 

transactions and the private capital market and therefore, know how to leverage our relationships to close deals fast! 


Our firm believes in earning our keep for the service we provide and charge



Not only is our fee earned contingently upon performance, but our reputation

of  operating with uncompromising integrity and  high-level professionalism is

our most valuable asset. Therefore, as a valued client|broker you can depend

on 'straight talk' from us and our word 'being our bond' when communicating.

But more importantly, as seasoned advisors, we'll also listen very carefully to

thoroughly understand your project goals and financial objectives. Then after

confirming that we're all on the same page, we will advise you accordingly of

the best funding structure to accomplish your objectives in a timely manner. 


            If you haven't noticed yet, It's all about giving you an edge, 

           The CHC Edge when speed and/or leverage are a priority. 



Therefore,  when you couple our high-level service with transparent and honest

communication,  we alleviate the headaches and  snags commonly associated

with complex banking and commercial transactions and provide our clients with 

a smooth and seamless closing process.

Also, our operating platform is supported by a state-of-the-art, cutting-edge tech-

nology that's providing safety, security, and reliability of the information submitted, 

a dedicated and committed support staff and also a global network of competent  

brokers, consultants, advisors, and bankers who originate a majority of the  deals

that we fund or invest in. And speaking of professionals,  we welcome  Mortgage 

and Investment Bankers, Private Bankers, Brokers, CRE-Agents, Attorneys,  and

CPAs and we highly value and appreciate your referral business. Not only will we 

protect and pay you 5% to 7% depending on the type of deal, we'll also keep you 

in the loop until your deal closes.



                    It's about giving you a real edge that enables you to

                   mitigate your risk while receiving exceptional returns.







The CHC Edge





Get The CHC Edge

If you're a broker | consultant wanting to offer your clients the holy grail of highly 

competitive high leveraged financial products without any upfront or due diligence

fees and are protected and paid on all of the types of deals being offered below.


Get The CHC Edge

FROM OUR FLAG SHIP PRODUCT which reflects the royal and rare value of our

logo brand; the regal and beautiful blue diamond.  A standard that is unparalleled.

Therefore, whether you're a developer, lender, investor, or entrepreneur wanting to

completely mitigate the risk of your cash equity capital plus eliminate any up-front

fees and due diligence costs while enhancing and maximizing your IRR/ ROI, then

you should take heed to our sage advice as seasoned private investment bankers 


What is required is that the sponsor leaves  30% of their project cost or a minimum

10 mm cash reserve balance in their bank account.  An admin block is then placed 

on your account as an assurance your balance won't be depleted nor deployed into

your project compared with conventional financing structures. Our innovative capital

raising platform which is linked to the top 100  world money center banks, conducts 

a number of private placements of their bank instruments daily to raise large blocks

of capital for a myriad of major development projects, venture capital, lending,  and 

investment opportunities. Therefore, our private investment banking and the bank's

fees are paid from the gross capital raised to eliminate your  conventional debt cost 


This all culminates into a 100% LTC funding facility to cover all of your project costs. 


Get The CHC Edge


If you have any Bank Instruments,  Income Producing Property or Gold Assets

you would like to monetize for opportunistic investments or private placements

Get The CHC Edge

If you're a Single or Multi-Family Office,  Asset Manager, Hedge Fund, Fund of

Funds, etc....and you'd like to completely mitigate or hedge your portfolio from 

market volatility risk, our private placement platform will deliver such a service. 

Get The CHC Edge


If you're a small to medium-size business that was turned down by a bank due

to subpar credit, short time in business, poor debt to income ratio, whatever the

reason,  we've got your back and will pre-approve and provide funding in days!



Get The CHC Edge...and experience the power of private investment banking!




Managing Partners:


Arthur Jackson

Business Development

and Banking Operations

David Briscoe

Asset Manager / Trader


Corporate Office:
The Galleria Financial Center
5065 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77056

contact. 832.607.6778





Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord,

but those who deal truthfully are His delight.

Proverbs 12:22


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