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About Us

With over 30 years of combined financing and real estate experience, we

understand the nuances of the private capital market and various projects

to leverage the relationships with our capital partners to close deals fast! 

We also believe in earning our keep for the invaluable service we perform

and therefore charge...NO UP-FRONT,  REVIEW or APPLICATION FEES! 

Only 3rd party cost which are essential for closing commercial real estate

transactions...i.e appraisals, environmental reports, inspections, etc.

Not only are our fees earned contingent upon performance, our reputation
of operating with uncompromising integrity and high level professionalism

is also our most valuable asset. Therefore, as a valued client or broker, you

can depend on 'straight talk' from us as well as our 'word being our bond'.

But more importantly, as seasoned advisors, we'll also listen very carefully

to thoroughly understand your project and financial objectives to advise you

accordingly regarding the best financial structure to reach your goals in a

timely manner.


If you haven't noticed yet, It's all about giving you an edge,

The CHC Edge when speed and/or leverage are a priority. 


So, when you couple our high level of service with transparent and honest

communications, we alleviate the headaches and snags commonly associated

with complex commercial transactions and provide our clients with a smooth

and seamless funding or buying process. 

Also, our operating platform is supported by state of the art, cutting edge

technology providing safety, security and reliability of the information submitted, 

a dedicated and committed support staff and also a global network of highly

professional brokers and consultants who originate a majority of the projects

that we fund or invest in through our capital partners.

And speaking of professionals, we welcome Mortgage Bankers, Brokers,

Consultants, CRE Agents, Attorneys, and CPAs and highly value and appreciate

your business. Not only will we protect and pay you up to 1 to 2 pts depending

on the deal size, we'll also keep you in the loop until your deal closes.


To begin the funding process, simply write a brief description of

your funding requirements below. We'll do our best to pre-approve

your deal within 24 to 48 hrs and close within 10 to 15 business days.

The CHC Edge

gives you an edge in this extremely competitive commercial space: 

get The CHC Edge

...If you have Income Producing Property or Portfolios you'd like to monetize

for opportunistic investments or private placements

...when facing an opportunistic deal or up against a loan payoff deadline and

time is of the essence. CHC can arrange financing and close with in 10 to 15

banking days

...if you have any Multi-Family or Flag Hotel properties that you want to sell

quickly and discreetly. CHC can arrange a buy/sell transaction to close within 

30 to 40 banking days!

...if you're a cre agent or hotel broker wanting to sell your multifamily or hotel

listings quickly. CHC will arrange fast acquisition financing for the buyer with

in 10 to 15 banking days!

...when it's leverage that you seek to increase your ROI / IRR.  CHC will arrange

up to 85% loan to cost!  Or 100% if the project is backed by an SBLC from a top

world money center bank.

...if your deal was turned down by the bank, yet your project is still viable. CHC

will take that into consideration by looking at your assets and or various forms of

collateral and structure your deal to still close!

...if you're looking to do a Joint Venture on a class A  Apartment Bldg.  CHC

will structure the deal only requiring our partner to invest 30% in equity vs 50%,

yet retain 100% full ownership of the property while sharing only 50% of the NOI,

with buyout options. When the property is sold, you keep 100% of the proceeds.

...If you're an Investor, Developer or a Company, who not only wants to substantially

mitigate your investment capital risk, but CHC can raise 100% of your total capital

requirements for your developments or acquisitions of commercial real estate, hotels,

middle market cos., performing or non-performing loan portfolios without any debt or

equity cost via our (CRP) Capital Raising Platform with in 30 days.

...if you're a real estate investor looking for 100% leverage to maximize your returns.

CHC offers a quick flip joint venture platform where we do all the work. We provide

100% financing!  We provide the discounted properties at 50 to 60% of market value! 

We provide the exit buyers at 70 to 75% of market value and with in 5 to 10 banking

days and when the property is sold, the profits are shared on a 50/50 split basis.

Experience the Power of Private Investment Banking and get The CHC Edge!



To get pre-approved within 24 to 48 hrs please email us

your executive summary to info@commercialhardcapital.com

or complete the form below 



~ LOAN AMOUNT and use of proceeds

~ DOWN PAYMENT for acquisitions 

~ CASH RESERVES for developments

missing elements will cause a delay in getting a pre-approval 

Managing Partners:

Arthur Jackson

Business Development


ebranch.houston.tx: 832.607.6778

David Briscoe

Investor Relations

Senior Trader


ebranch.dallas.tx: 469.431.3105


Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord,

but those who deal truthfully are His delight.

Proverbs 12:22


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