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Funding Guidelines

Funding Range:

1 million to 500 million +

Loan To Cost/Value:

up to 70% Bridge

up to 85% Permanent

up to 90% Major Projects

up to 100% Major Projects

backed by a Standby Letter of Credit
that we can arrange bank to bank

Pricing: (risk adjusted)

Bridge/Hard: 3.75% - 9.5% (+/-) (io)

Permanent: Libor/Prime + (pi)

Major Projects: 0%-3%

Origination Fees: (risk adjusted)

4% to 7% (+/-)

Term Horizon:

Bridge: 1 to 3 yrs (w/extension options)

Mini-Perm/Permanent: 10 to 30(+/-)yrs

w/15 to 30(+/-) ams

Asset Class:

Multi-Family, Office Buildings, Flag Hotels, Self-Storage,

Major Project Developments and Infrastructures, SBLCs

Performing and Non-Performing Commercial Notes


Acquisitions, Refinance, Renovations, Partner Buy Outs,

Cash Outs, Developments, Construction, Working Capital

Debt and Equity Structures:

Bridge, Permanent, Mezzanine

Joint Ventures:

100% Equity Multifamily Acquisition:

where our partners retain 100% full ownership with

only 30% equity  vs  50% and 70%  debt placement

and with the NOI split 50/50 with buyout options. 


Nationwide: major markets 

International: case by case

Sponsor's Equity:                    

10% to 50% (+/-)



Please submit your executive summary below or

email it to us:  info@commercialhardcapital.com

to get a Pre-Approval within 24 to 48 hrs:


  • PROJECT DESCRIPTION and location

  • LOAN AMOUNT and use of proceeds

  • DOWN PAYMENT if for an acquisition 

  • CASH RESERVES if for a development

  • missing items will cause a delay in getting a pre-approval 


Get Pre-approved with in 48 hrs!

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